Entrepreneurship for Young Women

The project is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among female students.
Priority themes and initiatives: 1. Entrepreneurship, 2. Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

The project consists of 10 workshops of 30 hours of individualized support spent with the lecturer. Each workshop will be suited for a team of 3 to 6 students. Which topics are waiting for female students:
What is business and how it relates to personal vision and strengths
Which ideas may succeed and how to find out quickly
How to manage time and how to split roles in the team
Where to get money and how to manage your finances
How to start a business and protect your intellectual property
How to present and communicate an idea

Each team will work on their own business idea, try out first steps in business, transform an idea into a business, female students will get to know themselves and their strengths better, experience teamwork and startup atmosphere, gain new experience, competencies and knowledge that will be useful in the future, not just in business.

Outcomes: 40x Workshop Certificate for 30 hours; 10x attendance book scan with the following content: the date and time of each block; the total number of registered participants; the number of participants present in each block; the name and signature of the lecturer; a brief description of the contents of each block. To accomplish the outcomes it is necessary that the average attendance of each workshop is at least 70% of all the registered participants.

Indicators (100%): 40X Graduate of workshop of 30 hours, present form only

Total of 10 workshops for groups of 3 to 6 students each 30 hours

Increased knowledge and competencies of female students – verification by peer to peer testing